14 Reasons Why You Should Go On A Cruise – RIGHT NOW!

She laid her head back on the lounge chair seated on her balcony. She began to feel the tension lift off of her shoulders. Closing her eyes, and lifting her feet, she took a deep breath and smelled the sweet, salty, ocean breeze. Swish. Swish. She heard the quiet sounds of the ocean and felt a smile spread across her face. Taking a sip of her Strawberry Daiquiri, for the first time in a long time, she felt at peace….


5 Ways That Animals Can Help, Heal & De-Stress You

“Animals are the bridge between us and the beauty of all that is natural. They show us what’s missing in our lives, and how to love ourselves more completely and unconditionally. They connect us back to who we are, and to the purpose of why we’re here.” ― Trisha McCagh