An Open Letter to Big-Hearted Women

I see you. 

I see you giving your all to those you love. I see you reaching out with your heart in the palm of your hand. I see you loving without restriction, loving with everything you have (and then some). 

I see the way you care without abandon, how you take the leap of faith and trust. I see you listening, forgiving, and opening up yourself to comfort others. I see your kindness, your compassion, your willingness to help others. 

I see you wondering if your big heart is worth it. I see you questioning your emotions, your feelings, your worthiness. I see you trying your hardest to believe the best in people. I see how strong you are for choosing love over and over again. 

I see you, I admire you, and I’m one of you. 

When we love, we love with every single piece of our hearts. We don’t choose who we love, but rather, our big hearts do. Our big-heartedness sees another soul, and we intertwine a bond between our hearts and theirs. Why? Because we can. Because we don’t know how to do anything less. Because life is too short to not love with every fiber of our being.

I know. I know sometimes people misunderstand our hearts. They might think we are over the top, crazy, or clingy. They might question us. We might be seen as too much, too fragile, too weak, too emotional, or too sensitive. But, we’re not. Actually, we are quite the opposite.

Women, like you and me, are fearless. We share special places in our hearts for those we love and we are not ashamed. We choose to keep letting people in, even though we may have been hurt before. We don’t love carelessly, leaving wreckage in our tracks. We love with purpose, with intent, and with passion. 

Yes, big-hearted women are surely strong and we show our strength with each relationship that we cultivate. We don’t hold back our emotions, we don’t listen to the ways of the world. We don’t let anyone dictate our relationships, or the silly rules that society places on them. 

We are precious, we are rare, we are diamonds who shine with love. 

And, as a big-hearted woman myself, I can promise those I love(d) one thing. I will always give you my best. I will always be there for you, and always care about you whether you are currently in my life or not. I will always wrap my heart around you when the world gets cold, and if you forget that there are people who are warm and loving. 

I promise to lift you up if your spirits are down. I promise to pray with you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love with you. I promise to console you, to celebrate with you, to be happy with and for you. 

I’m proud to be a big-hearted woman. And you, my fellow soul sister, should be proud too. 


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