Create Outside the Lines

Coloring is a favorite pastime of mine. It’s relaxing, it’s calming, it takes away all of my anxiety and stress. When we’re children, we color all of the time. We color with reckless abandon. We color outside of the lines. We color however we feel. 

Blue trees, purple elephants, a red sky, green bears, orange oceans. And, it’s all good. We are proud of the masterpiece we’ve created. In fact, we’re so proud that we can’t wait to show our parents so that they can display it as artwork on the refrigerator.


Then, somewhere along the way, we grow up. We lose our zest, we lose our creativity. We learn how to paint by numbers, we’re told to color inside the lines. We’re told that skies should be blue, the sun should be yellow, and we should color everything exactly the way we see it. It no longer becomes fun.

Our images that we once were so proud of become lackluster. We’re not hanging them on the fridge anymore. Frankly, we’re not even trying to hang them on the fridge. We stare at the blank piece of paper, so lifeless. We envision how we want it to look, but for fear of criticism or judgement, we follow the rules and our creativity is even more stifled.

I think, no matter what, we should create what we feel.

Whether we color, paint, sing, dance, act, direct or write, we need to create outside the lines. 

I don’t want to live in a society that conforms to everything. I don’t want to become just another face in the crowd. I don’t want to live a life that is strictly black and white. I don’t want to criticize, analyze, and shun the so called “crazy” ones.

I want to see more than a little grey in this world. After all, you won’t make a name for yourself if you follow all the rules. Remember, history is made when you’re acting a little foolish.

I want to watch purple oceans and see green elephants. I want to watch a blue sunrise, and listen to the rustling of orange trees. I long to hear pink birds chirp and read all about yellow bears. I want to take the road less traveled.

I want to create outside the lines. 

And so should you.


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