My Top 9 Choices for ‘National Plan for Vacation Day’

Happy National Plan a Vacation Day! Yesterday, I wrote about how January 30 is a day dedicated to planning your vacations, and now….I’m going to share with you my personal top 9 choices for vacation spots!

1. Southern Italy


So, Italy is my number one bucket list travel destination! The more I learn about this beautiful country, the more I fall in love with it. Italy is a huge part of my heritage and the culture, cuisine, and traditions are simply divine! Ideally, I’d love to take a tour all over the entire country of Italy, but if I had to pick, Southern Italy is my first choice. Sorrento, Tuscany, Capri, the Amalfi Coast, all breathtakingly beautiful sights! Plus, these areas allow you to really explore and dive into the culture like a true Italian!

TIP: I will say that if you’ve never been to Europe, you may want to consider taking a trip with a tour company, such as Collette VacationsTrafalgarContiki, or my personal favorite, AAA Exclusive Vacations! Each of these tour operators make every experience special and unique! If you are totally opposed to the idea of a tour though, many companies like those I mentioned, will put together fabulous FIT (fully independent tours) packages for you!

2. Poland


Poland is another huge part of my heritage and along with Italy, it is basically my duty to visit the motherland! I’m obsessed with the Polish culture! My maternal grandparents, along with my mother herself, first taught me to be proud of my Polish nationality and I’m so glad they did! Knowing some of the language, the music, the dancing, and, of course, the food, is such a privilege to me! It is my goal to travel to this great country & honor it (and maybe have a pierogi or two!)

3. New Zealand


Okay, so this place may be a little exotic, but hey, why not go big or go home? I can’t even begin to describe the beauty and adventure that this place brings.

  • White Island via helicopter or boat
  • Creating your own jacuzzi at Hot Water Beach
  • Whale watching in Kaikoura (year round!)
  • Diving 23 kilometers off of New Zealand’s Tutukata Coast
  • Exploring the gorgeous waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and glassy waters of the Milford Sound
  • B u n g y Jumping at the site of the Kawarau Suspension Bridge!
  • Glazing up at the Aurora Australis, or better known as the Southern Lights
  • Sailing slowly through a glow-worm filled grotto known as the Waitomo Caves
  • And more!

The possibilities are endless and can you say, exciting?

4. Switzerland


One of the last stops on my European bucket list would definitely be Switzerland. I had the wonderful opportunity to study and learn all about Switzerland when I was an agent. Lucky for me, I had a client call me wanting to plan her honeymoon to this snowy wonderland, and the first thing she wanted to see was the Swiss Alps! Who could blame her? These majestic wonders are a sight that I can’t wait to someday see!

5. Hawaii


Also known as heaven on earth, Hawaii already has captured my heart and soul! Just look at that picture. You can’t get much better than that. Luau’s, volcanoes, endless miles of beauty and adventure? Sign me up please!

6. Alaska


Throughout my studies of travel locations, Alaska has quickly become a favorite of mine! Denali National Park is a wildlife wonder! Glacier Bay? The closest thing to perfection. Juneau, Ketchikan, Anchorage, Fairbanks, so many options, so many places to experience! I found too, that the best way to see Alaska is through a cruise! Especially a Princess cruise! Princess Cruise Line really goes out of their way to ensure that you see   e v e r y t h i n g that Alaska has to offer through their various Land + Sea packages, and they make it perfectly affordable!

7. Walt Disney World, Florida


Ahhh….the place where dreams really do come true! I am a total Disney girl at heart! In fact, I think I was born with Disney blood in my veins! I’ve visited this magical place so many times, and I’ve planned so many Disney vacations for my clients that I practically glow pixie dust! Let’s be honest: Disney is the epitome of happiness. At least, in my opinion. Despite the crowds, the seasonal heat and rainy weather, it’s nearly impossible to be miserable here – and if you are, then you’re doing something wrong! I get that Disney isn’t for everyone, but everyone should at least experience it once in their lifetime. The truth is, here, there is no rules or responsibility. There’s only love, laughter, and happily ever after. I could talk Disney for hours! 

8. San Francisco, California


Though I haven’t been here yet, I am determined to check this destination off of my travel list this year! I’d love to bike ride on the Golden Gate Bridge, take a full day wine tour in Napa Valley, photograph the classic houses on the crooked street…and anything else San Fran has to offer!

9. Nashville, Tennessee


Every Country Music fans paradise! Since I am a Country girl at heart, Nashville I know would feel like home to me. The Grand Ole Opry, The Country Music Hall of Fame, Opryland, and then there is the EPIC CMA Music Festival held there every year – woohoo! Or yeehaw? Either way, it is an amazing time! Plus, there’s always the opportunity to seek out my main man, Luke Bryan, and other good-looking cowboys 😉  And…if you’re lucky enough to be a Carrie Underwood fan like me, every year she hosts her own private party at the Grand Ole Opry strictly for her fan club members. Umm, I’m sold!

So there you have it! Here’s my list of places that I must plan to go to! Just writing about all of them gets me excited, and I know there has to be places out there that excite you too! I’d love to hear from you! Where are your must see places? 


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