Young. Wild. Free.

What does it mean to truly be free? 

Is it the desire to step outside of your comfort zone, and live the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Is it backpacking through Europe? Or traveling the world with no limits, no boundaries, no end destination?

Or…is freedom just simply the feeling we get from being ourselves? From being who we were meant to be?

Maybe, it’s all three

No matter what your definition of freedom is, we can all agree that it is the secret to happiness. Yes, that’s right. Pure, authentic, and true h a p p i n e s s.

Freedom is a state of mind. 

Sadly though, we rarely allow ourselves to be free. Why? Well, we tend to dim our light. We have a tendency to confine ourselves within the walls we build. I know that I am totally guilty of this! And, guess what? It’s bullshit. 

The greatest prison that we put ourselves in is living in fear of what others think of us. Have you ever done that? C’mon, let’s be real for a sec…heart to heart stuff….you have. And, good news is, you’re not alone!

For years I’ve spent my life trying to fit into the mold that others had created for me. Deep down, I knew I was born to stand out, to color outside of the lines, but I still desperately wanted to fit in and be deemed “normal.” {Roll eyes. Being normal is seriously SO overrated guys.} I wanted people to understand me and who I am. I wanted to be the apple of everyone’s eye. I wanted everyone in this entire universe to like me. I wanted to impress people. I wanted to be praised. I wanted to be perfect and never ever make a mistake.

*Hint: you can try all you want to blend in, to change, to be perfect, to conform with the norms of society…but, if it’s not in God’s will for your life, it will never work out. Praise Him allllll the time. He knows what He’s doing much more than you or I do! Trust Him, and realize that life isn’t always wrapped up in a glittered box with a perfectly tied bow.*

I know now that my life is totally unconventional and unique, and for the first time in a long time, I’m okay with that. I’ve learned that I’m not everyone’s favorite, and may not ever be, no matter what I do or how hard I work. I’ve learned that because of the way I choose to live my life, that means I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. But, I don’t care about that anymore.

It’s okay to live a life that others don’t understand. It’s okay to have beliefs, dreams, and wishes that may seem foreign to others. Learn to free yourself from the approval and opinions of others.

There truly is freedom when you learn to accept yourself as you are. There’s freedom when you stop trying to gain everyone’s approval, and just start LIVING life for yourself. As YOU see fit. There’s freedom in just expressing who you are. Because dammit, that is what life is all about. Why rob yourself of that joy?

Listen to the music that makes you want to get up and dance, and it.

Read that book that gives your mind the wings to fly.

Wake up in the morning and find reasons to laugh and smile.

Thank God for giving you another day with another amount of abundant blessings waiting for you.

Love the people God put in your life.

Love the people who love you, and pray, let go, and forgive the ones that don’t.

Start surrounding yourself with people who lift you up.

Embrace the unknown.

Get excited to live.

Get excited to be alive.

Do more than just exist.

Do what makes you happy.

Do what makes you feel free.

Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Messy. Color outside the lines.

Live simply, but always live beyond your limitations.

Look up in the darkness and see the beauty of the stars and the light they bring.

Paint. Draw. Write. Sing. Create. Create magic. Create what makes your soul happy and your spirit fly.

Travel. Travel a lot. Don’t worry about the money. You’ll thank yourself later.

And don’t worry if you’re feeling lost right now. Sometimes, when you have no clear direction of where to go, that’s where freedom reigns.

“Step on a star, and blaze a trail of desire. The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are. The second greatest is being happy with what you find.” ~Unknown


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