5 Ways Using a Travel Agent Adds Value to Your Vacation

Today, May 3, is officially designated as National Travel Agent Day! Yes, it’s a real thing! How awesome is that?! What’s the purpose you may ask? Well, pull up a seat, grab a glass of vino and I will tell you!

The American Society of Travel Agents declared this day to celebrate the role that we play in matching our clients with their dream vacations. And, rightly so! Being a travel agent in the world of online booking is no easy task, but that’s precisely why we are here.

I think Nolan Burris says it best…

“Using a travel consultant is like a great bottle of wine. You may never know all the love and attention that went into creating the trip – but you will definitely taste it.”

In a world where technology is in full force and advertisements for fabulous trips are pumped out on a daily basis, planning the perfect vacation can get a little confusing, and a LOT overwhelming.

As a travel agent, I’ve been asked things like: “What do I need a travel agent for?” “Why do I need a travel agent if I can just book it myself online?” “What benefits can you add to my vacation?” and more…

Well, my friends, let me go ahead and answer those for you!

How Using a Travel Agent Adds Value to Your Vacation

  1. Travel Agents save you money, and time! Planning a vacation is hard work and can get frustrating and time-consuming. Do you know where you want to go, but don’t know how to get there, or where to stay? Do you have an idea of a perfect vacation, but don’t know the destination or where would be a best fit for you? Call your travel agent! Let us do the research for you. We are dedicated to getting to know you. Understanding your wants and needs are our first priority, and we will always do our best to give you the options that match you and your budget!
  2. Peace of mind: Vacations can be so exciting, but we know the time leading up to it can be a little stressful. There’s so much to do right? Why add more to your plate? Let us do the confirmations, the paperwork, and the behind the scenes duties for you! If you have any questions or concerns, call us. We are right there for you to put your worries to rest!
  3. Knowledge: One of the perks of being a travel agent is that we never stop learning. There are constant training sessions, updates on the latest products, updates on all destinations, and updates on all upcoming promotions. With that being said, we are the first ones notified of any/all changes, new promotions, etc. We use this knowledge to your advantage; to make sure your vacation is exactly as you dreamed of!
  4. We have connections! Along with us, as an added benefit, you receive extra expert tips from our vendors. Travel agents have the opportunity to connect and network with other travel companies throughout the world. We are never alone in our researching and booking efforts!
  5. We are your advocates, cheerleaders, and friends: As travel agents, our number one duty is to put our clients first. Do you have a special request? Tell us! We will make sure that you receive the proper accommodations that will make your trip all the more enjoyable and relaxing.

These are just a few of the many ways that utilizing a travel agent can be a valuable decision when planning a vacation. Put your trust in us – we can guarantee to give you the confidence that you need for your once in a lifetime trip!


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